Kitchen Renovations Collingwood

Everyone loves a light, airy and bright kitchen. If your kitchen is dark and dismal, continue reading to learn about the latest kitchen renovations that will brighten your kitchen.

What color are your kitchen cabinets?

If your kitchen cabinets are dark, it can cause your kitchen to feel old and neglected. Stripping and painting your cabinets in glossy white is a great way to brighten your kitchen. When prepped and painted properly, painted kitchen cabinets will last for many years. When shopping for paint, look for high gloss enamel paint for best results.

Under Cabinet Lighting Options

You do not need to be an electrician to add under cabinet lighting. There are several easy to install lighting options, including battery operated LED puck lights, plug in fluorescent lights and LED rope lighting. Visit your local home improvement center to determine the best type of lighting for your kitchen renovation.

Overhead Lights

What type of light is installed in your kitchen? Is it a single bulb flush mounted light, a fluorescent light or a ceiling fan? The type of overhead lighting in your kitchen can increase the brightness in your kitchen. Opt for energy efficient lighting options like LED or fluorescent light fixtures to maximize your savings while making your kitchen appear bright and airy.

Remove Your Window Screens

Many people do not realize that window screens filter sunlight. This is a staging secret that real estate agents often use to make the home appear bigger and brighter. By removing your window screens, you can increase the natural light in your kitchen. However, if you open your windows often, this should not be done as it will be frustrating to re-install the window screen each time you want to open the windows.

The kitchen renovations listed above will help you increase the brightness of your kitchen. Don’t settle for a drab kitchen, use the advice above to create the kitchen you have always dreamed of.


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