Kitchen Design Collingwood

Kitchens in homes are largely turning into family rooms, and can often intrude into living spaces. Any kitchen design has to make full use of the available space, and must be convenient for the use to which it is being put.

Start your kitchen design with evaluating the space that you have. If you have a small space, look at going vertical for your storage and make sure that your kitchen allows for easy movement during the preparation of food. Every kitchen requires movement in a triangular fashion, which will start with the preparation area, move to the cooking area and then to the cleaning area. Any kitchen design must ensure that all the movement required during each of these activities is minimal as this leads to efficiency and speed. The distance between these various hubs of activities needs to be small as then the process of getting a meal together will be less tiring.

Your preparation area or work table must be preferably at the center of the kitchen or close to refrigerators and larders where foodstuffs are kept. The appliances that you use, and the various knives and other implements needed must be conveniently located. Your cooking area needs to be close to windows for better light and ventilation. The spoons and ladles that you need during cooking must also be conveniently close at hand. Once the cooking process is over, the cleaning sink or dishwasher must also be close at hand.

Kitchen design has to pay adequate attention to storage which can be under counters or fixed to walls. Kitchen design also needs to give a lot of importance to the ease of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, by selecting the right materials for cabinets, countertops, floors, and walls. Proper ventilation is a must to ensure the comfort of working in a kitchen.


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