Bathroom Renovations Muskoka

There are many popular and trendy bathroom renovation ideas these days. Bathroom renovations are quite popular because while smaller, they are high traffic areas. They can be less costly, yet they can include great upgrades that add value. Let’s not forget the nice design and decor that you get to enjoy as well as a more comfortable bathroom for sure.

Some simple upgrades can be ideas like new shower heads. Of course, if you’re like me, you want a new shower. I want a new stand-in shower that is made of stone. Or, I’ll settle for a cheaper version, but you get the idea. Right now I have a regular tub shower. It wouldn’t be good enough to switch out the shower head.

Another part of the bathroom I want to change with the remodel or bathroom renovations is the lighting fixture. It is a fluorescent lighting fixture, and one of the long lights. I don’t like the look of the light, and I don’t like the type of light it puts out. I have a lamp in there right now instead that is cool and themed along with the condo. So, I am using that until I switch out the lighting fixture and also the mirror.

There is a wraparound mirror in the bathroom, which is fine but it is older It needs to be updated, and I’m going to choose something smaller. The sink is going to be left, along with the cabinetry or storage space. I do want to switch out the toilet, but it’s not a priority. Other upgrades I’m up for, but those are the most important ones. Which renovations do you want to make to your bathroom? You’ll have to find the right contractor.

We are the right contracts, contact us to help you get your bathrooms renovations completed and enjoy the bathrooms of your dreams.


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