Bathroom Renovations Barrie

Homeowners considering putting their homes on the market will want to ensure that they get the best return on the investment that they have made in their homes.

One of the easiest ways to ensure the best possible return is to perform some simple bathroom renovations.

Real estate agents are almost unanimous in their option that an attractive bathroom can contribute significantly to the sale price of nay home.

So what are some of the bathroom renovations that can make a huge difference to the value of your home?

#1 Modernize.

Upgrading to a more modern look can revitalize a bathroom. Clean, clear lines and an uncluttered space both contribute to a bright and breezy bathroom. Replace dated tiling designs and old school taps. If necessary modernize with matching toilet, bath and basin sets.

#2 Light It Up.

Natural light really elevates a bathroom to a whole new level. If possible fit larger windows or even a skylight in the bathroom.

#3 Shower Power.

If your main bathroom does not feature a stand alone shower – and you have the space then consider fitting one. This is especially attractive in areas that have water restrictions. In smaller bathroom a single piece transparent glass shower door will bring a sense of space to the bathrooms.

#4 Cabinet Storage Space.

You can never have too much storage space in a bathroom. If cabinets aren’t an option look at floating shelves to increase storage options.

It’s not necessary to completely renovate a bathroom in order to increase its appeal. Even smaller cosmetic changes can make a huge difference. replacing the vanity mirror or mirror frame, repainting or replacing handles on cupboard doors can all contribute in lifting your bathroom from the mediocre to the mesmerizing.


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